Mental Health

Enhancing Neurogenesis

The term neurogenesis may sound vaguely familiar to those who have explored ways of how to boost memory and energy levels. Any average human brain can undergo tremendous regeneration or decline depending on the effect of particular experiences, diet choices, or habits. The growth of new neurons, or neurogenesis, can take place at any age in a person’s lifetime. People who wish to experience optimum levels of mental growth could begin by conditioning their lives to incline exclusively on positive influences.

How to boost memory and energy levels

hug4uresduhe45Your brain is a vital organ that requires some sufficient supply of nutrients to energize its cells for proper functioning. This means that you should pay close attention to your daily diet if you wish to rev up your brain power. From time to time, doctors and nutritionists have provided us with a long list of the foods we need to improve memory and mental clarity. Eating broccoli, curry, cauliflower, walnuts and celery is highly recommended because of their antioxidation qualities, which enhance brain health.

Regular exercises enhance your brain’s potency

People who exercise on a regular basis are known to have great mental clarity and sharper memory than those who lead passive lifestyles according to the renowned health expert, Austa Ronald, exercise stimulates the multiplication of nerve cells and strengthens the interconnection between the cells. Besides, the exercises are important for protecting your cells from damage. The combined effect of all these merits reflects a sharper mental focus, high retention capacity and a profound surge in energy levels.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

Various studies on how to boost memory and energy levels have confirmed that drugs and alcohol severely limit the ability of the brain to reach its optimum limits. People who get hooked to drugs or alcohol experience an aggravated scale of brain decline at many points of their lives. Loss of judgment, poor memory, and lapses into unstable mental states are some of the noticeable symptoms of brain damage among victims. Unfortunately, some of the negative effects are irreversible.

Practicing mental skills

5rurweids7yfjklldr5rNaturally, your memory improves significantly if you subject it to regular schedules of mental skills. Developing interest in finding mathematical solutions, playing chess and filling crosswords are some of the crucial exercises that can help you to enhance your memory. The problem is that abandoning such exercises might lead you to you previous state of poor memory and low energy levels. Ultimately, a sharp memory and enhanced mental focus have an uplifting effect on you energy levels.