Facts on the Importance of Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching is the process of lightening the darker pigmentation around the anus which is usually done for special cosmetic purposes. This process is mostly done to make the color of the anus uniform with the body skin. Anal bleaching was very synonymous with women in the past, but due to changing roles, men are also chipping in, in a bid to advance the looks of their anus.

Benefits of Anal Bleaching

hgshgs65hgMost people who have undergone anal lightening process attest to the fact that the process has helped in enhancing cleanliness and makes their anus attractive during intimate times. Bleaching softens the rough skin around the anus making it easy to clean and germ-free.

The process has been of great help to celebrities and especially porn stars who want to look attractive and appealing to the screen in order to gain more popularity.

Effective Methods of Anal Bleaching

There are numerous ways of enhancing anal lightening process that are effective and produce desired results. Bleaching creams are widely used as it is safe and have minimal side effects to the skin and body cells. This whitening cream works by minimizing the production of melanin by the body cells which enhances a lighter skin. In most cases, exposure to the sun re-oxidizes the skin causing a darker facade than before, but the anus gets modest exposure to the sun ruling out the anus darkening again. These make the skin lightening method to be effective.

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Hydroquinone has produced effective skin lightening results when used in the right concentration and with the right prescription from qualified skin experts. The product is applied on the anal skin to aid in skin whitening and reduces the color of the skin. It lightens hyperpigmentation by blocking skin discoloration process leading to a much lighter skin.

However, this particular ingredient has been proven to have ill effects. In fact, products that contain this have been banned in many countries.

Side Effects of Anal Bleaching

ghdhgd5gfMost of the cosmetics that are used in anal bleaching contain ingredients and chemicals that cause irritation to the skin on the sensitive anal area. This irritation causes discomfort due to its scarring and burning nature. Gynecologists attest that anal skin lightening is far from a no-risk procedure as it can do more harm than good. The process may cause a stricture which makes the anal opening to be smaller leading to tears in the anal canal, leading to severe medical problems. There is also the potential risk of acquiring bacterial infections and herpes if the spa area is not hygienic enough.

Use of Hydroquinone is likely to cause permanent skin disfiguration due to the Ochronosis compound that it contains. Dermatologists argue that hydroquinone is a carcinogen which causes permanent skin discoloration.

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